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Although the company began as an Irrigation business, their personalized approach has naturally expanded to include a rock query, breath-taking landscaping and winter maintenance services to ensure every customer (residential or commercial) can admire their lawn and compliment their home or business.


"Our job is to make your life easier." -Vern Dreier, Founder


Matthew is a mastered licensed irrigation professional in the City of Wichita and has completed his apprenticeship in sprinkler system design along with numerous other continued education courses.  He is also a certified Backflow Tester by the State of Kansas PHCCA.  


Vern Dreier was a music teacher and father of two small children when Dreier's Lawn Sprinkling service began in 1978.  His father-in-law helped him get started with what was supposed to be part-time work during the summer.  Vern's dairy farm-bred work ethic, integrity and connecting with people quickly set him apart.  He passed his legacy on to his nephew and long-time service technician, Matthew Dreier and the same principals hold true to this day. 

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